History of the Wedderburn Community House

The Wedderburn State School No. 794 was established in 1865. Mr Joseph Lockhart was the first head teacher. The front section of the school was completed in 1868 and further extensions were made in 1888. Various rooms and halls were rented throughout the town as enrolments increased. The back section of the school was opened in 1908. Over the years, several small rural schools closed, and the Kurraca, Borung and Barrakee schools were moved onto the school site.

In 1941, Forms 1 & 2 commenced and in 1948 the school was proclaimed as a Higher Elementary School. On January 1, 1961, the Wedderburn High School was established.

In the 1990s, the Department of Education spent a large sum of money on the old, red brick school, including an upgrade of the roof.

In December 1999, the Department decided to close the school, merging the Wedderburn State and High Schools and Korong Vale State School into the Wedderburn P-12 College.

The old State School building remained empty for five years. During that time, there was much discussion about what could be done with the building. A Committee was formed with representatives from the Wedderburn Neighbourhood House, Tourism, Inglewood District Health Service and the Loddon Shire. The group was called the Section 86 Committee under the Shire banner. The Committee aimed to obtain a building for a Community Centre.

The Shire purchased the building, grants were obtained and approximately $300,000 was spent on renovations to the building. On June 10th, 2005, the centre was opened, five years after the building closed as a school.

The neighbourhood house was renamed the Wedderburn Community House Inc. Activities conducted at the community house include Centrelink and Vicroads agencies, an internet cafe, job networks and administrative services.

The Inglewood District Health Service provides many outreach services, including a social worker, podiatrist, physiotherapist and a dietician.

Volunteers play an important role in the organisation. The Loddon Tourist Information Office is open seven days a week, and is run by volunteers on Sunday’s.