Wedderburn Masquerade Ball Recap

What a fantastic night it turned out to be at the Masquerade Ball held at the Mechanics Institute on the 1st of May. The youngsters almost outnumbered the oldies!
Men were suited up, ball gowns flowed and lots of spectacular masks greeted us at the door complemented by great music provided by Cheryl Bailey, Glenda Hunter and friends.
Special thanks must go to Marg Van Veen for coming up with the idea, Dede Williams for her expert tuition and all the helpers who went down to the Hall and helped decorate, transforming it into something wonderful. Thank you also to the helpers who cleaned up afterwards.

Should you have missed this great event or simply want more our next dance classes will commence in August with a little bit country and a little bit rock n roll as well as ballroom, with the next dance being in September.
For more information call us on 54943489

Images from the night below

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