Strategic Planning Meeting

A huge thank you to all the people who attended our Strategic Planning Meeting on 10th April here at the House.  There were over 60 people in attendance and it just  amazing to see so many  interested community members and Community House members showing an interest in what you want for YOUR Community House in 2013 and beyond.

What a great night, lots of ideas, course suggestions, activities and much chatter among those present.  Some of the prominent ideas put forward included Yoga, Cards, Movie nights, Gardening Tips, Photography Group, Masseur, Dancing and night courses, just to name a few!

.Quarterly or monthly  public/members meetings was also mentioned more than once. The possible re-location of the local market to the Community house grounds. IDHS to increase their facilities. Sporting bodies to become more involved.

It was suggested that the House publicize more on the web, local newspapers, school newsletters, (electronic/hardcopy),notice boards, emails, etc.

It would appear that some members of the public are not aware of our huge concessions to House members in the gymnasium – check the pricing on the website.

All of the above information will need to be reviewed and put into the Strategic Plan.It is also up to us to collate and investigate what suggestions are feasible and how we go about getting YOU to participate!  It is easy to come up with the ideas but getting them up and running will only be successful if people come along.

A huge thank you to Susan Lockhart _ Suzie’s Cakes For A Date – for a superb catering job at such short notice, the food was delicious as always.

We have a wonderful Community House in Wedderburn and it is about to become even more wonderful with the new build getting closer, so please support YOUR House and help make it happen!