Current Programs

Here at the community house we offer a variety of courses to build your knowledge in various fields as well as featuring various events throughout the year. Current programs include;

Up coming
Barista Training.
Learn the basics from the professionals. We will run a bus from Wedderburn Community House to the centre in Bendigo. You will do a full day of training. Cost $ 160 per person.

Barista Training Course

Leeanne Rollinson, a respected Meditation practitioner, is offering two free sessions to allow locals to try her meditational style.

If the demand is there we will start weekly sessions.

These are not strenuous exercise classes, but gentle relaxation and self awareness sessions that can be attended by any age group from children through to the seniors.

There is no lying on the floor, you are comfortably seated throughout the session.

We are offering a day session and an evening session to cater to all in the community.

Meditation Workshops

Each year we offer the full range of certificates for those wishing to work in the hospitality field.

We purposely hold these during the school holidays so Year 12 students or those doing their final year of school can be qualified and ready to work by the end of the school year.

Don’t be competing with everyone else early next year trying to get the jobs in cafes and pubs. Be a step ahead of the rest and get qualified now.

We will offer the Food Supervisor course if we have the number os students required.

Call now on 54943489 and book which courses you are interested in. Be sure to leave your contact details so we can call you.

rsa poster july 2017

This will be the 4th workshop that Annette is offering our community.

It is a great opportunity to learn a new skill at virtually no cost, as Annette supplies all materials.

Each workshop covers new ideas and techniques. I believe this one will be making flowers, but you can use the same techniques to make other items.

These are popular workshops so get in early and book a place on 54943489.

felting workshop

Weekly Events

  • Patchwork – See the calendar.
  • Gymnasium Strength training



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