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The Loddon Healthy Minds Network is auspiced by Loddon Shire Council and was formed in 2007 to actively purse mental health issues as they relate to residents of the Loddon Shire Council.  

The networks vision is to promote and advocate for improved wellbeing and access to appropriate services for people in Loddon Shire affected by mental health issues. To promote emotional wellbeing and good mental health across the Loddon community. 

We do this by building an awareness with the general public, educating people experiencing mental health issues and their carers about services available. We advocate on behalf of the whole community to improve mental health support and promote the Network and its services in the Loddon Shire. 

The Healthy Minds Network has developed a website and I am writing to request the placement of a link to the Loddon Healthy Minds Website on your webpage. This would further assist the network in the promotion of the website at a local level. 

The link is:

If you have any further queries, please do not hesitate to contact me as per details below 

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Wendy Gladman | Director Community Wellbeing | Loddon Shire Council

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Expressions of Interest are required for our INTEL LEARN EASY STEPS programme for newcomers to computers.

  • This includes an Introduction to Computers and Operating Systems.
  • Introduction to Internet and Emails.
  • Introduction to Word Processing.

This will be run on a Tuesday 9.30-12.00am  Cost  $80.  $55 Concession

Contact: Jude Raftis-Co-ordinator. Wedderburn Community House. 54943489